My April Stitch Fix

My April Stitch Fix

I received another fun filled box from Stitch Fix.  For those of you who don’t know, Stitch Fix is a company that sends you 5 items of clothing based on your style and needs.  You get to decide what you keep and what to return.  Here is my latest Fix.

Lydia Floral Print Key-Hole Blouse

This blouse is something I would never would have picked out for myself.  It’s unique and I can wear it during different seasons.

Verdict: Keep

Photo on 4-20-15 at 6.47 PM

Rebekah Contrast Detail Blazer

Love this blazer.  It’s so versatile and has cute, polka dot details on the cuffs if you decide to roll them up.

Verdict: Keep

Photo on 4-20-15 at 6.53 PM Photo on 4-20-15 at 6.53 PM #2

Jodie Geo Print Skirt and Trisha Clover Layering Necklace

This skirt was comfortable and I could wear it too work.  However, the quality of the fabric didn’t justify the price.  I liked the necklace.  I can wear it with everything.

Verdict: Keep the necklace.  Return the skirt.

4-up on 4-20-15 at 6.41 PM #5 (compiled) Photo on 4-20-15 at 6.38 PM

Jace Chevron Print Dress

This dress was super cute and so comfortable.  I wish it were a different color or I were a different color.  it washes me out.

Verdict: Return

Photo on 4-20-15 at 6.34 PM #2 Photo on 4-20-15 at 6.33 PM

Here’s the link to my Stitch Fix Referral if you decide to try it.


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