Stuck in Neutral


This winter I decided my living room needed a touch of color.  I had neutral walls, neutral couches, neutral rugs and even a neutral dog.  Everything was either yellow, beige or yellowish-beige.  It felt very blah inside  the house and it was very blah outside the house. Depressing!  I even went a little stir crazy during one storm and started painting blue patches on the walls just to test out some colors that I saw on Pintrest.  Even the pillow covers I bought from Etsy weren’t doing me any favors.  It was time for a change.  (You might recognize the pillows from my sunroom.  They look great in there.)


My blah living room

My blah living room

That mess in the guest room is from a guest, not me. 🙂


Love this table.. but it’s too big. Who can I blame this mess on?

I realized part of the reason that my living room was lacking luster was due to the lack of light.  The only light is from a northwest facing window.  A window that I had covered with heavy curtains from my old condo.  While exploring the paint chips at O’Connor Hardware, I found a little diagram explaining that dark rooms should have warm colors.  At that moment blue was out and yellow was in.  I searched pintrest for yellows that would be good for West facing rooms.  I tried Funky Yellow first. Big Mistake. Then I met with the Benjamin Moore decorator for free who suggested 2 yellows and tried them both.  Unfortunately, you can no longer get the sample size jars of pain.  (The company who used to make the sample size pots went out of business.)  I decided on a color called Straw.

Meanwhile…. I was inspired by the condo that my friend just bought.  Here is his living room.



Inspiration…the condo my friend just bought




From right to left: BM funky yellow, BM straw, BM ?

Then I chose a day to paint.  It was over 90 degrees and humid that day, but it didn’t stop me.  I donned an old bikini and got started.  Good thing my west facing window doesn’t face any neighbors.


I’ll post some after pictures later.


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