Who Said Doing Laundry is Boring?


The laundry room was the one room that I never planned to touch.  However, since the flood destroyed the carpet, I figured I might have a little fun in there.  Maybe I would have one of those cute laundry rooms like the ones you see on Pinterest. Painting would be easy since I didn’t have to worry about destroying the rug.  As you can see by my photos, I had nothing to lose.




I knew that I had to do something about the dated paneling.  I painted the wall the same grey that I did in the sunroom, BM Revere Pewter.  However, I made a rookie mistake. I forgot to prime the wood walls before I painted them.  Oops.  Too late now.

Don't forget to Prime

I originally wanted to do tile on the floor using the insurance money from the flood.  However, my Dad talked me out of it. He gently made me realize that since you could never see the floor in my laundry room because of all the laundry scattered about…it really didn’t matter.  He found some neutral, high quality stick-on tile (Is that an oxymoron?) at you guessed it…Habitat for Humanity Restore .  We painted the floor with paint left over from other projects.  He laid the tile and I ran over them with my rolling pin.  Using a red rolling pin was a mistake.  It left some marks, but they were removed easily.

Like an elf making cookies

Like an elf making cookies


I was inspired by a photo on Pinterest  (They always have the cutest laundry room photos.) and chose a coral color for the cabinet.   This time I remembered the primer.  I did a few coats and then bought some faux glass handles at Home Goods.  It was a world of difference.  I even purchased a cute basket for the top to hide all of my ugly bottles.


This is actually my laundry room. Not a photo from Pinterest.

My favorite home decorating book suggested that new homeowners hang found art instead of displaying impersonal art found at discount stores or blowing their budget on fine art.  I definitely wasn’t going to invest in real art for my laundry room.  I found these frames at a thrift store (I wish I took a before picture of the frames and their pansy pictures) and used two pages from a cute dog calendar from last year.  Voila!  Found art!




We still have to lay the rest of the tile, paint the baseboards and install new windows, but here’s how it looks now…


I should frame this photo because it will never look as neat again.


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  1. Wow! That is pretty awesome. I’m so impressed. I think you should become interior design consultant (for me). 🙂

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