From Porch to Sunroom


The flood on the porch inspired me to get going on redoing my favorite room.  It also motivated me to get going on my laundry room.  Prior to the flood, my friend Raghu and I painted over the porch’s dark sage green walls.  My coworker Kerri has an eye for color.  She suggested that I paint the walls grey, do robin eggs blue for the ceiling and keep the trim white.  I chose Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter which was recommended to me by a decorator years ago.  Did you know that Benjamin Moore Stores have decorators at the their stores waiting to give you free advice?  And lucky for me, I found a paint color that was actually called Robin’s Egg Blue, so there was no thinking involved.

Before-Green walls, dark furniture, old rug, cute dog, some new windows

Before-Green walls, dark furniture, old rug, cute dog, some new windows

With the new window, a fresh coat of paint, and a stripped down floor, my Dad and I were ready to go.  He and my Uncle Jim installed a Pergo floor.  My Dad had found the flooring at the Habitat for Humanity Restore last fall.  It was only $20 a box and it sells for $50 a box at Home Depot.  It was a great find.  The name of it is Asian Mahogany.



My mom’s friend Gail, gave me some banquet seating.  I applied a fresh coat of white paint and brought it into the house.  At first I had it kitty corner, but then I realized that I could stretch it all the way across the end of the room and that’s when the magic started to happen.

White banquets kitty corner

White banquets kitty corner


I purchased outdoor bench padding at overstock and added 3 new pillows and a bunch that I already had in the house.  It was beginning to look like my perfect sunroom.  Originally, I was going to paint the dark table white, but I chickened out. Getting the paint perfectly smooth was going to be a challenge.  I sold the set on craigslist and then I bought this white Crate and Barrel table on craigslist with the money.



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