Pane-ful to Painless


When I bought this house, one of my favorite features of this house was the enclosed porch.  I had visions of myself sitting on my porch enjoying my morning tea while reading a book or correcting my students’ work.  The sun shining upon my face, neighbors strolling by and waving hello, my dog at my feet.  I moved in late September and after a month or two of blissful enclosed porch living, my dreams were quickly dashed.


Although this room has heat, as the end of November approached, I soon found out that my favorite room was always freezing.   I gave up and went to live in the rest of the house.  As winter passed, I dreamed of emerging from hibernation and basking in the warm sunlight on my porch. Warm, it was…


One late spring arrived I realized that the old windows that didn’t open would be a problem. Sitting on the porch, was like being trapped in a greenhouse.  Even with the air conditioining vent open in the summer, it was too hot too enjoy.

I had a guy from Newpro come to the house and give me an estimate. After listening to his 30 minute scripted spiel, he gave me a demo.  We put a light up to his sample window and I put my hand on the other side.  I couldn’t feel any heat transferring.  Then I asked him to try it on my windows.  He put his light up to my window.  I ran outside and put my hand on the other side and let out a screech.  My hand was throbbing, but I was sold.  I was ready to buy his windows.

To my surprise, 14 new windows cost more than my Corolla!  Again, my dreams were dashed until my dad came to my rescue.

He found a place online that would be a fraction of the cost.  He and I installed them.



And Casey helped too.  Sort of.



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