Welcome to my bungalow!


Being a new homeowner, I rely on a lot of support from my friends and family.  I am lucky to have a handy dad who is constantly pitching in to complete small jobs like hanging towel racks and doing big jobs like installing new windows on the porch.  My mom is great too.  She can sew, she can garden and she knows how to clean everything.  Without them in my life, I probably wouldn’t of even taken on the challenge of owning my own home.

I am also blessed to have good neighbors who are always there in a pinch to lend a helping hand. They have fixed my heat during the Super Bowl, bailed me out after a flood, and supplied me with perennials for my garden. I brag about them to everyone I know.

My friends are good to me too.  Most of them are new homeowners themselves, so we face many of the same challenges. I’m lucky because many of my colleagues are long time homeowners. During our lunch breaks, they provide me with a plethora of information that only years of experience can provide.

Without help from family, friends and neighbors I’d pack it up and move back to my condo!  I hope to use this blog to show how far my home has come due to the love and support of everyone around me.


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